Why Solar?

Eliminate Your Monthly Bills

The first goal of going solar. We will match your systems production to your electric usage to try to replace as much of your monthly electric bill as possible.

Federal Tax Benefits

The transition to clean energy is in full effect, if you choose to be apart of it, the federal government will give you 30% of your project costs back in the form of a tax credit.

State Incentives

If you live in a solar friendly state, there are programs that have been created to allow the utility companies in your state to purchase the clean energy benefit you are making for the community. See if you live in a state that is solar friendly by clicking the symbol above.

Green Energy is Smart Energy

Solar allows your homes carbon footprint to be greatly reduced over the next 25-35 years. With the transition to renewable sources in full effect, don't miss out on your chance to save!

Time is Running Out

With a majority of states passing legislation moving towards 100% clean energy, the programs available through the state and federal governments are not going to be around forever. Some change as soon as the end of 2019!

Solar For No Cost

No money down purchase options are available, but not interested in a bigger project? No problem, with Lease or Purchase options available, we can simply take the energy the system produces, and give it to you cheaper than you pay now.

Joe and Mary (SC) were an older couple, and didn’t want to own the system, so we set up a lease with the best panels in the industry, and last month (June 2017) they happily reported they saved $47.32 compared to the same month last year!

Our goal is the give our customers the most efficient system possible, so we use advanced design technology to ensure that only the most productive roof planes will be used for your system.

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