High Rise Solar

Our Story

Empowering people to take a smart approach to everyday living.

Here at High Rise Solar, we strive to help facilitate the change from the traditional, dirty energy model, to affordable renewable solutions. We believe in a future run by clean technologies, and instead of waiting around for someone else, our executive team set out to be active participants, rather than a voice in the masses. 

Earning the trust of our customers and partners, we’ve realized that all people need to help us in our mission is a reliable, professional platform to access the abundance of renewable options that are out there. Placing a focus on properly educating customers and businesses about the wide array of benefits in clean energy, we pride ourselves on offering the most innovative products, qualified service members, and effective communication. 

With our base operations in Residential and Commercial solar projects, we have successfully deployed 3.5 MW of solar as an organization over the last year, and are looking to add wind turbines to our portfolio in 2020. We are focused on making all forms of renewable solutions easy to access not just for large corporations and utilities, but for families and small business owners to use us as a platform for achieving sustainability. 

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